Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Possible Scenario

A twelve-year-old boy joins a Shia Youth Group. At around this time he experiences same-sex attraction. Because he's around Iranian Shia, he's told that he is a girl trapped inside a male body. He tells his parents this. The parents consider themselves stalwart allies of the gay movement and are just horrified that the son insists he is a girl just because he likes boys. But the boy starts wearing a burqa, demands to be called 'Aisha', and clamors for puberty blockers. The parents take him to a therapist in the hope that the boy can be persuaded to like his own body.  Thereupon Social Services come and take the boy away.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Exorcist, re-written for our times

Psychiatrist: Ms. MacNeil, have you been telling Regan that she should be a girl because she has what's commonly regarded as a girl's body?

Chris MacNeil: What kind of question is that? I'm paying you nearly my life's fortune, and you ask me that?

Psychiatrist: Well, Ms. MacNeil, if you are telling Regan that she--actually, they--should be a girl when they identify as Legion, that could cause a most vehement case of gender dysphoria, and that may well be the cause of all these violent outbreaks.

Chris MacNeil: She's levitating her mahogany bed for God's sake! What the--

Psychiatrist: Yes, that's unusually extreme, admittedly, but when one's identity is grossly misaligned with one's body, very bad things frequently happen. Ms. MacNeil, have you ever asked Regan if they would feel more comfortable, more themselves if they had the body or bodies of Legion?

Chris MacNeil: You want to give her bodies? Plural? How would that even be possible?

Psychiatrist: Calm down, Ms. MacNeil. And you should refer to Legion by their preferred pronouns. That's obviously a big part of the problem.

Chris MacNeil: Am I hearing you right? Regan will stop twisting her head if--

Psychiatrist: Ms. MacNeil, there is no Regan. There never was a Regan. They have always been Legion, and their pronouns are "they, their, and them." The quicker you acknowledge this, the quicker Legion can put their dysphoria behind them. Work with us, Ms. MacNeil.

Chris MacNeil: Oh, fuck you shrinks. You're insane. I'm finding a priest.

Psychiatrist: Well, there's Fr. James Martin, but he'll just refer you back to us.

Chris MacNeil: Then I'll find another who truly cares for my little daughter.

Psychiatrist: There you go again. They are your spawn, not your daughter. You are misgendering them and thereby causing them mental anguish. It's my informed opinion as a licensed physician that you are a clear and present danger to the well-being of Legion, and I regret to say this, but I am obligated now to report you to Social Services.

Chris MacNeil: Go to hell!

Psychiatrist: You can't leave, Ms. MacNeil. The power of Jennifer Pritzker and George Soros compels you!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Why Jeff Sessions is right

According to Obama's DOJ and several circuit court decisions, Title VII applies to transpeople because of the Price Waterhouse precedent in 1989. In that case SCOTUS ruled that companies may not fire a woman for not conforming to a gender stereotype, e.g. she dresses in a masculine manner, she does not talk in a womanly manner, and so on.

Obama's DOJ and many circuit courts have applied this reasoning to transpeople thus: just as it is gender stereotyping to discriminate against women for not conforming to what an arbitrary social construct says how a woman should dress, behave, etc., so is it also gender stereotyping to say that a transwoman is a man for not conforming to what an arbitrary social construct says what kind of anatomy a woman should have. The very notion of physiological sex becomes a species of constitutionally impermissible gender stereotyping.

Thus, the reasoning that allows the use of 'sex' in Title VII to 'encompass' the concept of 'gender identity' renders the concept of sex utterly and completely meaningless. Jeff Sessions was absolutely right to reject this wholesale deconstruction of Title VII's protections against sex discrimination.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Very Important Talking Point

If you claim that the transgender movement wants to replace sex with the concept of 'gender identity', you might be accused of alarmism and then subjected to a wearisome lecture of how court precedent has acknowledged that sex encompasses 'gender identity' and that this all transactivist want--for 'gender identity' to be included in the notion of sex. Therefore, the claim is that it's just silly to think that 'gender identity' will replace sex because it, in fact, is comprehended by sex. This is just a flat-out gaslighting LIE. 'Gender identity' and sex are irreconcilable rivals and simply cannot co-exist.

The trans line is very clear. Transmen and transwomen insist that their man- and womanhood are not a whit less real than that of cismen and ciswomen, and if that claim can make any sense at all, then there must be only one cause for man- and womanhood. Two or more causes would justify separate categories (and separate facilities) for transpeople, and they have made it abundantly clear that this is transphobic bigotry. Thus the only way to give transpeople the recognition they feel that justice demands is to supplant the notion of physiological sex entirely with the wholly subjective notion of 'gender identity'. Sex cannot, therefore, encompass ‘gender identity’. Instead, it must be replaced by it.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

A simple 3-step explanation why the LGBT Alliance is a logical contradiction

1. Accepting gays and Lesbians means accepting sexual orientation which assumes that physiological sex is the basis of man- and womanhood.

2. Accepting transpeople entails the denial that physiological sex is the basis of man- and womanhood.

3. Acceptance of sexual orientation affirms physiological sex, and acceptance of transpeople denies it. See the contradiction now?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hefner's boast

Hefner boasted of having slept with over a thousand women. Okay, let's do the math on this. Let's assume that he did not start notching his belt until after his divorce from Mildred in 1959, which would mean that the era of his promiscuity lasted for about fifty-eight years. Well, he says that he did not cheat on his wives. So, let's subtract ten years, the time he was with Kimberly, and five years, the time he was with Crystal. Okay, that leaves forty-three years of promiscuity. More than a thousand women in forty-three years means that on average he slept with a different woman every sixteen days. People use toothbrushes for longer periods of time than that.   So, Mr. Hefner considered women to be more disposable than toothbrushes.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Make Massachusetts Think Again!

Massachusetts is famous throughout the world for its Institutions of Higher Learning such as Harvard, M.I.T., and Tufts. And yet that Commonwealth now has legislators who are so ignorant of basic logic, they do not know that tautologies cannot be definitions. For instance, just last year they passed a transgender law that defined 'gender identity' as one's 'gender-related identity'. Even a grade-schooler from Kentucky would realize that this is an empty repetition of words. That the legislators of such a supposedly smart state would pass this vacuous redundancy off as a legal definition is cause for lamentation. But don't despair! There is hope! You can help rectify this sorry situation! You can call up the sponsors of the Transgender Bill, passed last year, and play them, from the lecture below, this excellent primer on the uselessness of tautologies as definitions. The primer is just under one minute in duration, from 18:49-19:45. Do your part to help make Massachusetts think again!