Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Same-sex "marriage" is separate from same-sex sexuality, Mr. Ford.

Zack Ford tweeted this an hour ago "... same-sex marriage [sic] and same-sex sexuality can't be separated"

The two are separate because the re-definition of "marriage" required to include same-sex couples means that "marriage" no longer can imply sexual or erotic relations of any sort. This because there is no way to come up with a conception of marital consummation that will apply equally to same- and opposite-sex couples. Defining consummation as coitus is heterosexist bigotry. Defining consummation as any act of penetration excludes gay men who prefer frottage and Lesbians who eschew strap-ons and fisting, and if you define sex as anything that could lead to orgasm, given the infinite number of fetishes, anything could constitute "marital consummation" ranging from walking around barefoot to wearing a bathing cap to crying.

The individual fetish thus determines "marital consummation", thereby making it too subjective for a legal definition. Thus, "marriage" laws must jettison the legal concept of "marital consummation" altogether and therewith the notion that "marriage", be it same-sex or opposite-sex, has anything to do with sexuality.

"Marriage" now is nothing but a way to file joint tax returns and share pensions.

Monday, November 14, 2016


The Left (at least on Twitter) is now aping John Oliver, chanting about the Trump Presidency, "This is not normal! This is not normal!" What? And having two mommies is normal? "Girls" with penises are normal? Breastfeeding "men" are normal? And I thought the very concept of "normal" was a social construct devised by the powers that be to make the marginalized internalize their own oppression. The Left can go fuck itself.

I gotta ask.

Who is the bigot in this video? The Lesbian who insists upon a biological basis for man- and womanhood and thereby flatly denies the transgenderist concept of 'gender identity' or the transwoman who flatly denies that biological sex has anything to do with man- and womanhood and thereby makes complete and utter nonsense out of the very concept of sexual orientation?