Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And yet another letter the St. Louis Post-Dispatch won't publish

Dear Editor,

I read your paper's Q & A about gender identity with a desperate interest. I was hoping it would help my solve my identity crisis. I do not know if I am a straight man or a non-op Lesbian transwoman. Alas, your article only deepened my confusion. You write that gender identity is a feeling. Okay, well, I feel a very strong attraction to women. Does that mean I should identify as a man? But if I think I’m a man because I like women, wouldn’t that make me a vile, homophobic bigot? Lesbians like women, too, you know. Should I identify as a man because I feel comfortable wearing pants? But Hillary Clinton feels comfortable wearing pants, too, and she’s a woman (I think).

The article says gender is a social construct that varies from culture to culture. So, does that mean that gender identity varies as well? I like to cook. So, if I’m in a culture that deems cooking to be women’s work, should I identify as a woman? And if I am in a culture that deems cooking to be macho, should I identify as a man?

You do mention the possibility that the brain might determine gender identity but caution that the studies that suggest this are preliminary and provisional. Nevertheless, you do write that those who identify as men have brains somewhat differently structured from those who identify as women. But that offers me no help whatsoever. If different structures in the rest of the body do not determine manhood or womanhood, then why should different structures in the brain? If a transwoman can say that her penis is a woman’s penis because it belongs to a self-identified woman, then why can’t I say that my brain, whatever its physical structure, belongs to whatever gender I finally feel it’s best to identify with?

Your article, I regret to say, was no help at all. I still do not know whether I’m a straight man or a non-op Lesbian transwoman, and until I get this sorted out, I won’t know which public restroom I should use. Darn!


Someone who might as well be an amoeba

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Transgenderist Anthropology and Prostitution

The anthropology that underpins transgenderism, namely the complete disassociation of the mind from the body, is precisely the anthropology necessary to understand prostitution as a "job like any other". If one locates human identity entirely in the mind, then there can be no parts of the body considered so integral to personhood that they should be off limits to the profanations of commerce. The entire body is merely an instrument, which means that one's "privates" have as much significance as one's arms and legs, and just as we do not think it is any violation of our dignity as humans to put our limbs to work, it should not be deemed below our dignity to put our "privates" to work either because neither our limbs nor our "privates" have anything to do with our identities as men and women. They are all equally instrumental. It is little wonder then that George Soros is funding both the Transgender Movement and the Pimp Lobby.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nota Bene

The LGBT Alliance has trivialized the concept of bigotry to the point of absurdity. When "bigot" means girls who don't want to undress in front of exposed penises, then the concept no longer can be taken seriously. Thus, the word and the people to which it once referred are erased from serious public discourse. There are no bigots anymore. And this has done nothing but embolden the Trumpkins to let their "bigotry" hang out like the junk of transwomen in girls' locker rooms. Thanks a big bunch, LGBT Alliance!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

There is no way to escape bigotry

If you are for gay rights, then you accept the concept of sexual orientation. But sexual orientation presupposes a genital basis to manhood and womanhood. This directly contradicts the central premise of gender identity. Therefore, the very concept of sexual orientation is transphobic.

If you support trans rights, then you accept the concept of gender identity. That concept locates the basis for manhood and womanhood (and whatever) in the mind, making the body irrelevant to one's identity as a man or a woman (or whatever). This just makes complete nonsense out of the concept of sexual orientation and thereby erases the identities of Gays and Lesbians. Thus, support for the transgender community entails homophobia.