Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Sound Bite

The very concept of sexual orientation presumes the bodily basis of the male and female identities and, thus, contradicts the current doctrine of "gender identity". Therefore, the concept of sexual orientation is necessarily transphobic. The LGBT Alliance is a lie.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Not just moronic, but oxymoronic

Transgenderism used to rely upon heteronormativity as a source of identity. In fact, this remains the main second-wave feminist critique of transgenderism, that it re-inforces the gender rôles of heteronormativity. But the T people are supposed to be in an alliance with the L and the G, whose main goal is the overthrow of the source of all homophobia, which is--ding, ding, ding--heteronormativity. So, how the deuce can an alliance work between the foes of heteronormativity and those who need it for their core identities?

Enter the New and Improved Doctrine of Gender Identity, which holds that an individual's identity as a man, woman, or whatever attaches to nothing but an ipse dixit. This liberates gender identity not only from the body but from those homophobic gender rôles as well and thereby makes the T safe for the LGBT Alliance.

Not so fast. The isolation of gender identity to an ipse dixit has another thorny problem for the alliance: if being a man or a woman is nothing but an ipse dixit, then what is the basis for romantic/erotic attraction? The very concept of sexual orientation presumes the corporeal definitions of man and woman, definitions which according to the New Doctrine of Gender Identity can only be transphobic bigotry. The only way to be entirely free of transphobic bigotry is to change the basis of romantic/erotic attraction from corporeal identity to self-professed gender identity, but this guts the concept of sexual orientation entirely and therewith the identities of gays and Lesbians.

In other words, you are either transphobic or homophobic. The LGBT Alliance is a hopeless performative contradiction.