Thursday, February 28, 2013

Has this Conspiracy Theory been taken yet?

If not, I call dibs.

Could it be that Scientology was concocted to give critics of the pharmaceutical industry a bad name?

I cannot believe this

Just like Nixon.  God help us!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hollywood bigotry

The actor and actress categories betray an intolerable and, hence, oppressive heteronormativity, do a severe injustice to acting transgender humans, and should be abolished by the Academy forthwith.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yeah, it's that bad

Have you accepted Barack Hussein Obama as your personal Lord and Saviour yet?  If you do not, you won't go to hell but may well be taken out by an unmanned drone.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kiddies, remember, homosexual couples cannot mate

I just happed upon this.  My jaw dropped.  I thought gay "marriage" was stupid, and then I discovered that thinking gay "marriage" is stupid makes you a bigot as vile as any racist or anti-Semite, and that outdid the stupidity of gay "marriage".  And now I find that someone actually thinks that "banning" gay  "marriage" is part of a eugenics plot to keep homosexuals from mating.   The outrage of these drama queens knows no bounds or basic biology or the meaning of "mating".

My mother's favorite joke was this:  What is the difference between genius and stupidity?  Genius has limits.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Not-So-Big Chill

It's cold.  Cold enough to warrant the wearing of scarves and mittens and ski masks!  Finally!  It's only the Nineteenth of February.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trotzdem würde ich sie NICHT von der Bettkante weisen.

Is it just me, or does Emma Watson look mannish in The Perks of Being a Wallflower?  It's not just her short moddish bowl cut.  It's her rather thick arms.  So thick, in fact, that you suspect she wandered off from the MTV sequel to The Crying Game.  Perhaps, it's just me.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Never again!

The debate over same-sex "marriage" has become quite nasty.  Actually, it's been quite nasty for some time.  I've been repeatedly accused of bigotry that is as vile as both racism and anti-Semitism.  So, if you do not think that mutual masturbation merits legal recognition, that's as heinous as wanting to deprive black people of the vote or thinking that Jews should be gassed.  Someone actually said that my opposition to same-sex "marriage" indicated that I desire a holocaust for homosexuals.  I tried to tell this guy that one cannot reasonably infer genocidal intent from the refusal to acknowledge homosexual relationships to be as important as marriage.  To no avail.  He was, as are many advocates of same-sex "marriage", so lost in the drama of his sanctimonious indignation that he would not consider my counter-arguments to be anything more than little Hitlers to be strangled in the cradle if the noble cry of "Never Again!" is to have any meaning at all.

It should be noted that not only does opposing same-sex "marriage" not entail genocidal wishes, just the opposite might be the case:  the legal recognition of same-sex "marriage" might lead to a "gay genocide" because homosexual couples cannot by themselves reproduce and thereby cannot pass on the "gay gene"--if there even is a such a thing, that is.

But, okay, let's suppose that my accuser's alarmist fantasy is not such and that because I refuse to acknowledge the importance a certain group places upon their concept of a relationship, I want to ship that group off to Auschwitz.  Fine.  Jews regard the age of adulthood to be thirteen, but the law in this country puts the age of majority at eighteen.  The law, therefore, does not acknowledge the importance of the Jewish concept of adulthood.  In fact, it ignores it completely.  Why?  Because the state is obviously anti-Semitic in its refusal to acknowledge the significance of the Bah Mitzvah and ipso facto harbors vicious genocidal hostility against Jews.  Quod erat demonstrandum.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

François de La Rochefoucauld, call your office

If hypocrisy is vice's tribute to virtue, then surely the butch-femme distinction is Lesbianism's tribute to heteronormativity.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

God's Food

(from the Fairy Tales collected by the Brothers Grimm)

Once upon a time there were two sisters. The one had no children and was rich, the other had five children, was a widow, and was so poor that she no longer had enough bread to feed her children. In her desperation she went to her sister and pleaded: "My children suffer with me under the threat of starvation. You are rich. Give me a little of your bread." But the filthy rich woman was also a filthy liar. She said, "I have myself nothing in the house," and angrily told the poor woman to leave.

After a while the rich woman's husband came home and wanted to cut himself a slice of bread, but just as he started cutting the loaf, blood flowed out. When the woman saw this, she panicked and told him what had happened.

The husband rushed out, wanting to help, but when he reached the poor widow's chamber, he found her praying. She held her two youngest children in her arms, the three older ones lay on the floor dead. He offered her food, but she replied, "We no longer ask for earthly food. God has already fed three, He will hear our pleas as well." Barely had she uttered these words when the two little ones drew their last breaths, and thereupon the poor widow's heart broke, and she fell to the floor dead.

I really want to know this

Why is telling judge in court to go to hell not protected speech but Contempt of Court and as such a jailing offense?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Repent thy heinous heterosexism!

After I sent him an argument against same-sex "marriage", a former classmate of mine and proud graduate of AA responded with the letter below. I would tell you the specific argument I sent him, but it does not matter for this man regards the "right" to the civil recognition of same-sex "marriage" as a self-evident truth and, therefore, any and all arguments against it can only be illogical and stupid. It is a certainty that even an evil demon whispering in his ear cannot cajole him to doubt. Pedico, ergo sum.

Anyway, I post this letter here for two reasons 1) to show how some advocates of the legal recognition of same-sex "marriage" have developed a Messiah Complex, and 2) to present further evidence that AA gets you off the sauce only to make you into a sanctimonious Pimmelkopf.

Paul, this argument is not only illogical; it is stupid.

Paul, you are sick. I don't know whether you are mentally ill, spiritually ill, or both, but you are a twisted bigot.

The only time I want to hear from you, henceforth, is if you are seeking my help to transform yourself spiritually, to heal this hatred that warps your personality. I don't know whether you need a Twelve Step program, a Catholic retreat, consultation with a non-bigoted priest, psychotherapy, or a gypsy fortune-teller. But until you make a decision to repent, to choose the path of love over that of hate, to follow Christ's message in the Gospels, I want nothing to do with you.

You need not reply to this message, unless you choose this moment to begin your repentance.

Most sincerely,


Bye, bye facebook (again)

I quit facebook once again. Yes, I returned to answer a slanderous charge against me and stayed on because of my desire to pick fights over gay "marriage". But that was counterproductive. Partly because I've never learned the vinegar/sugar rule of rhetoric. Well, I don't want to learn it. That rule has always struck me as a recipe for Carnegiesque Pandering, and as people who know me know, I despise Dale Carnegie with the heat of a nuclear meltdown. Anyway, that's not the main reason why my debates over gay "marriage" were counterproductive. The main reason is that the advocates of same-sex "marriage" are raving lunatics and as such impervious to reason. Yeah, I know that polls now say a majority favor this lunacy. If polls determined truth, then Iraq had something to do with the planning of the 9/11 attacks just because 70% of those polled thought so.

I hope facebook is not like smoking. I have quit smoking--as Mark Twain said, a thousand times

Friday, February 8, 2013

A question

I really want to know this. Why wasn't appeal to the Equal Protections Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment not enough to give women the vote but it is supposed to be enough to mandate legal recognition for same-sex "marriage"?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Did the Groundhog See His Shadow Today?

I don't care. I am sure the Groundhog doesn't either.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Try built-in obsolescence next time

I haven't written for the last few days because I didn't have access to the Internet. I called AT&T, and when I finally got a human being, was told that my modem was out of warranty and probably needed a new one. And then my internet came back on as if some one had flipped a switch. My hunch is that all this was a ploy to get me to spend upwards of sixty bucks for a new modem, but the tech adviser I talked to probably thought my speech impediment indicated that I may have something like Down's Syndrome, felt really guilty about scamming a "special person", and decided she would sleep better at night if she just flipped the internet back on. This is just a hunch, mind.