Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Seven years ago yesterday the United States of America committed an international crime. It invaded a country that had not attacked it. This country did not even pose a credible threat to the U.S., imminent or otherwise. It was a war of aggression, pure and simple. This is not just any international crime. It is what Robert Jackson, the chief U.S. Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, called "the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." Mr. Jackson was, of course, referring to the Wars of Aggression waged by Nazi Germany, and some will say, of course, that Jackson would never ever say this of us because the U.S.A. always goes to war with the noblest of intentions. This is supposed to mean that it is fine and dandy when we kill people because we are, unlike the Nazis, noble. Yeah, I'll remember that when I hold up a convenience store. Hey, officer, I robbed and killed the clerk because I am noble. I was fighting for freedom. So, how dare you treat me like a criminal.

Every official reason for the Iraq War has turned out to be a lie and a sick, ugly joke. Iraq was a big, bad, ominous threat even though it could not knock out one plane enforcing the two no-fly zones over its territory despite twelve years of repeated attempts. Well, Iraq was stockpiling WMD even though its defense budget could barely afford spitballs. These WMD stockpiles were never ever found because they did not exist.

We said we went to war to make Iraq a better place. If that's true, then why does Iraq have the biggest refugee problem of any country on the planet? If Iraq is truly better for our having invaded it, bombed the shit out of it, and saturated its soil and air with depleted uranium, then why do the Iraqis want to flee?

We said we went to Iraq to bring freedom. Tell that to thousands of women who have become sex slaves just so they can feed themselves. Tell that to the millions more who have lost the rights that they had under the Baathist Regime and are now subject to the cruel whimsies of Sharia Law.

I repeat, Iraq did not attack us. Iraq did not threaten us. Iraq could not threaten us. We did not make that country better. He have made it worse. We have fucked it over. More children are starving and dying of preventable diseases than under Saddam's Tyranny. We did not fight the war to bring freedom but to bring profits to Haliburton, Bechtel, Exxon, etc. We invaded Iraq to feed our gluttony and because we just like to kill and kill and rape and kill.

All this is obvious, but there are incredibly still people who support the Iraq War, and among these psychopaths are people who have the temerity to call themselves "pro-life". They claim to stand up for the weak and defenseless, and yet they cheered Bush on when he bombed and bombed and bombed a very weak country. They cheered him on while he committed the "supreme international crime", the crime that made Nazi Germany infamous. And yet these neo-Nazis have the gall to call themselves pro-life.

I want them to stop. I have stated this many times before and I shall state it until the message gets though every thick skull of every loathsome, bloodthirsty bastard that sullies the pro-life name. You people who support American Foreign Policy have forfeited your right to call yourselves pro-life. American Foreign Policy is pro-torture, pro-murder, pro-death, the very opposite of pro-life. Do you understand that you are making a mockery of the pro-life cause? Do you realize that you are doing damage to the pro-life cause? Do you understand that when you call yourselves pro-life and yet rally behind a patently unjust war the way the Germans did at the Sportpalast, "pro-life" becomes for any sane person an object of scorn and disgust? Do you realize this? If you don't, then you can go fuck yourselves and go to hell.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

We're next!

So, all the plates around us have moved. God's Wrath has been working overtime. Haiti got hit because a few uppity slaves made a pact with Satan two centuries ago. Chile elected as president an agnostic woman who wears pants. It was obviously a matter of time before God would unload his can of whoopass on them. The Japanese worshiped Hirohito, exported defective cars, and eat really ugly, slimy bottomfeeders that squirt out black ooze. But the Japanese know they are evil, hellbound heathens and have made all their buildings earthquake proof in anticipation of God's ire.

Now, we haven't had a major earthquake in the States for decades. Even though we elected George Bush der Zweite, made Brittany Spears a star, and forced everyone to listen to Madonna. We've just been begging God to pulverize us, and I'd expect the New Madrid Fault will soon split wide open in the middle of this blaspheming and oh so tacky nation, and every single American will fall into the pit of hell. If Haiti, Chile, and Japan have to pay for their many sins, we do as well. We're next.