Thursday, August 6, 2009

When I'm 64

The Atomic Age started 64 years ago today when we dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima--without any justification whatsoever. Well, we said that this deadly nuclear Holocaust was justified. But this was a lie we told ourselves so that we still could be naïve and innocent and believe that we are indeed The Shining City on a Hill, even if that Hill is one fucking putrid bloody landfill. I think it is needless to say that a lie, however pleasant and comforting, cannot justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. I hope, at least, that my fellow Catholics who are unfortunately proud of their American Patriotism (for example, Phyllis Schlafley) are nevertheless still sufficiently Catholic to know that a lie is evil, even when the supposedly greatest country in the fucking history of the fucking world tells one. I really hope so.

Anyway, the lie is this: Japan just would not surrender, and so we had only two choices: 1) invade Japan or 2) nuke a city or two. Since an invasion of an entire country would have been really, really savage, bloody, and far deadlier than the destruction of just one or two cities, dropping the bomb was indeed the comparatively humane thing to do, and we Americans always want to do the humane thing. Just ask the Cherokee or the Seminole or the Phillipine Muslims or, well, the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Right. Well, this is a lie because...oh, where do I start? We did not have only those two choices because Japan was trying to surrender all during the summer of 1945. True, they did not want to submit to an "unconditional surrender", whatever the fuck that meant. No surrender can be "unconditional" unless the vanguished agree to fulfill every single whim of the victors. What? We wanted the Japanese to lick our feet and suck our cocks or, if it struck our fancy, to be handcuffed and penetrated in every orifice? Did the Land of Wholesome Godliness, Motherhood, and Apple Pie nuke those two Japanese cities for the sake of BDSM? I hope my fellow Catholics who are too eager to salute the American Flag are, if not really Catholic, still sufficiently human to realize that unleashing the Atomic Scourge for the sake of a rapist's domination is so empty of any good or reason as to escape the bounds of language altogether.

Yes, it is true that even though the Japanese were suing for peace, they still insisted upon one very specific, definite condition. They wanted to be allowed to keep their Emperor. And we would not let them. Surely, that's because if they were allowed to keep their Emperor, the Japanese would be emboldened to start up another Empire, and then, before you knew it, they would be wanting to rape another Nanking, re-conquer Korea and the Phillippines, and plan another suicide surprise attack against us. After all, we Americans are such a nice, wholesome, kindly people, that we would not kill a quarter of a million people in one day unless there was a damn good reason to do so, eh? So, that must mean we sincerely believed that Hirohito was pure evil, and a Nuclear Holocaust, as heartwrenchingly tragic as it was, nevertheless was the necessary price to pay for finally ridding the world of that evil bloodthirsty, terrorist-inspiring, imperialist monster! After Japan's "unconditional surrender", General MacArthur allowed that incarnation of pure, unalloyed, unadulturated evil to keep his throne, and Japan has been our peaceful, acquiescent ally ever since. Oops!

The real story is that the Soviet Union was about to enter the War against Japan on August 9th, and if Japan did not surrender before the Soviets started fighting, the U.S. was facing the prospect of having to share Japan with the Reds. The U.S. did not want its Empire trammeled on in the Pacific as it had been in Europe. Also, the U.S., of course, had the Atom Bomb and wanted to show off its new toy to the Soviets and thereby notify them who now was in charge of the sandbox. If getting Japan to surrender was the reason why we nuked Hiroshima, then we would not have bombed Nagasaki as well. The Japanese were more than willing to suck our cocks after only one demonstration of our willingness to commit instant genocide. We simply wanted to show our new enemies that we now had the power of the gods and that just like the pagan gods of yore, we would use that power simply for our own fucking amusement, human misery be damned!

We nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki simply because we could, and if my fellow Catholics who are American Patriots still claim to be proud of America's past, then I don't want them to be my fellow Catholics.