Friday, December 26, 2008

The Meaning of Christmas

Tonight on the ten o'clock news there was a piece about these Protestants in Kansas City going around the area malls dressed as Jesus to remind people of the "reason for the season". Did they dress up in swaddling clothes and hop around in wooden cribs? No, they dressed up in white robes and donned crowns of thorn. That's Good Friday, you idiots!

One guy noted that there is a movement to take 'Christ' out of 'Christmas'. That's the reason for that godless abbreviation 'Xmas'. See what happens when you get rid of Classical Education? The 'X' in 'Xmas' is not the English Letter but the Greek 'chi', which just so happens to be the first letter in the Greek word for Christ, Christos.

Yeah, I know that these people are dismayed at the commercialization of Christmas. Fine, but if they knew their history, which they don't, they would realize that the commercialization of Christmas is just the inevitable result of the Protestant Reformation. The so-called reformers made war on all the religious feast days because they were hindering commerce. The people were going to Mass on those days to worship God and that kept them from buying stuff. Protestants tried to get rid of Christmas, too, but this particular feast proved just too popular. So, the next best thing was to make Christmas into one great big crass Capitalist Cacophony of Consumerism, and that's exactly what happened, of course. And Protestants are dismayed that their project to prostitute Western Christendom has been too successful? There's just no pleasing some people, I guess.

If these Prots in KC were so concerned about preserving the real meaning of Christmas, then they would stop being Prots, become Catholic, and attend Mass. 'Christmas', after all, means Christ's Mass. Moreover, if these Prots stopped being Prots, they would look past the word (Prots tend to be obsessed with the mere word) and contemplate what it actually means. Christmas is the celebration of God's entry into the world as a weak, utterly helpless, completely dependent and defenseless infant. And because He was so helpless, human beings had to take care of Him. His mother and Joseph had to feed Him, clothe Him, and protect Him. It would finally dawn on these Prots after they had digested all this that human deeds cannot be all like filthy rags to God. Did the infant God Incarnate not appreciate it when Mary breast-fed Him, kissed him, kept Him warm in her embrace? If He did not, then He was not truly human, and so much for the Doctrine of the Incarnation, and Christmas might as well be yet another excuse to have the kids' eyeballs fried by video games.

But the Prots don't want to acknowledge this. If they did, they would have to admit that their anthropology is wildly wrong, according to which, man is a piece of shit. He can only sin. Thus, none of his deeds can ever please God. That's why these Prots in KC go around the malls dressed up as the Jesus about to be crucified. They don't just want to remind people that Christmas is about Christ. They also want to show that we crowned Him with thorns, spat on Him, tortured Him, and killed Him because we as human beings are totally and utterly depraved. But Christmas is not about that at all, and thank God for that and thank God that Christ was not raised by Protestants. If Protestantism were right about the inescapable universal depravity of man, then Jesus would have been an abused child, and such a thought would hardly make for a Merry Christmas, eh?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

To all my facebook friends

I write this in the hope that this entry will be threaded through to my profile on facebook. For the last several days I have been unable to do anything on facebook. This because whenever I access facebook, the browser I use crashes on me. The browser I've been using is Firefox, and I have sent scads of notes to the Firefox techies, screaming for help--all to no avail. So, I tried switching back to my old browser, Safari. Facebook crashed that, too. I downloaded Opera tonight, hoping that would help. But, no, facebook crashed Opera faster than either Firefox or Safari ever did. My inability to access facebook is the reason why I failed to wish Lant Fogarty and Brian Stojak happy birthdays. So, Lant and Mr. Stojak, if you are reading this (and I hope you are), I did not forget you. I was not being rude. I just fell victim to a technological SNAFU, the effects of which probably will be permanent. Unless someone can tell me how to remedy this problem, I won't be able to access my facebook account again from my home computer, and that means I won't be on facebook to expose the specious arguments of that Episcopalian Jacobin, the other Mr. Mosley, or distract Professor Brown from his scholarly duties. If anyone wants to contact me or entangle me in an aporetic dialectic, s/he can leave a comment on my weblog, write me at my e-mail address, or, if the need of having some giant evil advertising network mediate internet companionship is just too great, visit my profile at MySpace and "befriend" me there.

It is curious that my problems accessing facebook started a few hours after I noted my disappointment that only shoes had been hurled at our Warmonger-in-Chief. Oh, well. Not being able to access facebook is annoying, but being renditioned to Gitmo would be more so. One must keep his perspective.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Blagojevich should say

"I was planning to donate the proceeds from the Senate Sale to Chrysler and GM."