Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Disabled Pride!

I have cerebral palsy. I walk and talk funny. I don't feel normal. This causes me all kinds of anxiety and social awkwardness. I have a fundamental, foundational, human right to normality, dammit! Therefore, I demand that everyone talk and walk as funny as I do, and if you think this demand is ridiculous, then you are a bigot and your bigotry will cause suicidal ideation. So, your bigotry is genocidal violence. You may very well have blood on your hands. You should be very, very ashamed of yourself, bigot!

Furthermore, you must be willing to date me (if you are under 35, a cisfemale, and look killer in a black turtleneck, that is). Otherwise, I shall publicly shame you as a cripplehater. Got that?!

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