Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Marriage Equality", again

To accept "marriage equality", one must also accept "parent equality" or the notion that it makes no difference at all whether children are raised by opposite- or same-sex couples. Otherwise, you would be implicitly acknowledging a societally significant difference between heterosexual and homosexual relationships and that's just vile bigotry. Therefore, you must accept that opposite-sex parents are the SAME as same-sex "parents", and that, in turn, means that "parenting" is an asexual enterprise and, thus, we have all been raised by amoebas.

I was raised by a man and a woman. I refuse to say that I was raised by amoebas. Therefore, I refuse to say "parent equality" is anything other than an absurdity, and, therefore, I say that I will always have nothing but spitting contempt for the insulting lunacy known as "marriage equality".

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