Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rabid and Dangerous Lunacy

One more time, folks, and, perhaps, this time I shall be clear enough that even idiots will understand, but I would not hold my breath.

Okay, the transgenderist's underlying claim is that there is no normal body for a man and a woman.  This must be the claim, otherwise the transgenderist cannot claim that some 'women' have penises and some 'men' vaginas.  And, so, the transgenderist argues that the existence of intersex people, even though they constitute an extremely tiny percentage of the general population, shows that male and female physiological normality is a fiction, a superstition, a Right-Wing Christian belief, which only inbred Bible-Thumpers confess.

Implicit in this argument is the notion that an exception to a stated norm proves that it is not the norm, and this notion is just complete and utter madness. For if the existence of intersex people prohibits us from talking about the normality of male and female bodies, then by that very same logic we can't say that it's normal to have legs because congenitally legless people exist. We can't say that it is normal to be free from cancer because people with cancer exist, and so on and so forth.

If the concept of normality must apply in each and every instance without any exception, then that concept is doomed. There can't be any normality at all, and without any normality, there cannot be any medical science at all for the very simple reason that the very purpose of medical science is to restore normal health to those who are abnormally sick and thus cannot exist if there is no such thing as normal health.

But it gets worse. Without any concept of normality, there cannot be any laws because laws exist to safeguard what is normal. But if there is no normality, there is nothing to safeguard and, thus, no need for laws. At all.

The arguments of transgenderism are very rabid and very dangerous lunacy.

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