Saturday, January 21, 2017

Maher interviews Jane Fonda

Yeah, I just have to spit this out yet again because I'm watching Maher interview Jane Fonda (or as Republicans who think they're clever and historically erudite know her, Hanoi Jane), and the interview is really a Bitch Session about our New Dear Leader, and, yeah, that's fine with me. I HATE TRUMP. Except the very first thing they bitch about is his "pussy grabbing" comment simply because it's salacious and icky, and I thought 'ickiness' was forever ruled out as a rational objection by the "marriage equality" debate.

But, yes, okay, the "pussy grabbing" comment does show Trump to be a creepy sexual predator. I get that.

But Trump's endorsement of Collective Punishment  shows him to have really dangerous Nazi-like tendencies, and as evil as "Pussy Grabbing" may be, surely it can be nowhere nearly as drenched in horrific blood as, say, the massacre of Lez├íky. Can we get some perspective here?

Also, perhaps "Pussy Grabbing" should not alarm us as much as Trump's blunt identification of freedom with security. Just as Spinoza got rid of God by identifying Him with nature, so Trump and other authoritarians before him get rid of liberty by identifying it with the surveillance and carceral state. I am not denying that sexual predation is bad. Don't get me wrong. I'm just saying that, maybe, just maybe, totalitarianism is worse. Maybe, just maybe, Trump's predilection to cop feels should frighten us less than the prospect of him giving orders to SA-like goons nationwide per tweets?

And, one more thing, the same side that now is so alarmed about Trump's sordid history as a sexual predator also endorses the re-definition of 'sex' as 'gender identity', and--yes, I'll make this argument AGAIN--if 'sex' now has nothing to do with the body, how can any bodily assault be classified as 'sexual'? According to the doctrine of 'gender identity' which the anti-Trump SJWs swear by now, "Pussy Grabbing" now can be no more evil than "Arm Grabbing" or "Shoulder Tapping". Because if the pussy is something that both men and women have, it's now as asexual as an arm or a shoulder and, thus, grabbing it without consent of the owner can only constitute assault but not 'sexual' assault. Anti-Trump SJWs are idiots.

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