Sunday, January 15, 2017


Is this article poorly written, or do I need to take a remedial reading class? Check out this paragraph:

"One week after seeking an abortion, study participants who were turned away from getting the procedure had higher levels of anxiety, lower self-esteem, and lower life satisfaction than those who got the wanted abortion. Yet, their levels of depression were similar to those who actually had the procedure. Foster noted that the similarities may stem from the depressive feelings linked with finding out you’re (unwantedly) pregnant."

The first sentence says, I think, that the women who were refused an abortion were more depressed than those who were not. But then the second sentence seems to say the opposite, that those who were refused abortions and those that got them had similar levels of depression. What am I missing here? I must be missing something. I'm an irrational bigot who still holds to the thoroughly debunked Christian tenet that only women can get pregnant.

Addendum: After reading this paragraph a few more times, it occurs to me that "depression", as used in this article linked above, must comprise more than just anxiety, low self-esteem, and low life satisfaction. These are just individual symptoms of depression, not depression itself. Thus, while those that were refused abortions and those that had abortions had similar levels of OVERALL depressions, the levels for the individual categories of anxiety, low self-esteem, and low satisfaction were higher for the former group. Fine, but for both groups to have had similar levels of OVERALL depression, then those who had abortions must have scored higher in other categories that go unmentioned in this article. Or am I missing something once again?

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