Monday, January 9, 2017

Bigotry Update

No one has yet been able to resolve what I claim to be a blatant contradiction at the very heart of the LGBT Alliance: The identities of the L, the G, and the B rests upon the concept of sexual orientation which assumes that biological sex is the basis of man- and womanhood. It is precisely this assumption of biological sex that the premise of the trans identities, the concept of 'gender identity', denies. Thus, to affirm the identities of the LGB, one must pull the rug out from under the identities of the T, and vice versa. Thus, one is either transphobic or homophobic.

There have been attempts to resolve this contradiction, but all have, I contend, failed. But what do I know? I am an irrational bigot. You decide how successful these attempts are.

The first attempt is a tired LGBT talking point: 'Gender identity' says what gender you are, and sexual orientation says to whom you are attracted. The concepts are separate, and if you keep them separate, you unenlightened putz who never bothered to take Gender 101, there can be no logical contradiction between the two. But this response, in my benighted eyes, fails to recognize that the concept of sexual orientation assumes precisely the very anthropology that 'gender identity' denies and thereby begs the question.

Another attempt is to say that everyone should be classified as 'pansexual'. But doesn't this just blot out the identities of the L,G, B altogether?

Yet another attempt seems to have become a talking point among the transactivists: You're attracted to whom you are attracted. Attraction becomes a cryptic, opaque tautology, rendering any generalizations about orientation impossible. This, too, blots out the identities of the Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals (not to mention the Heterosexuals as well).

The only other attempt I know of is to call the person who points out this logical contradiction a pathetic bigot who is probably a repressed, self-loathing homosexual and then threaten to beat him up. Basic logic is supposed to cower into negligibility before such intimidation, I suppose.

Basic logic needs to be queered.

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