Tuesday, October 11, 2016

And, yes, another letter to the Editor written umsonst

Donald J. Trump has loudly and proudly endorsed the targeting of the families of terrorists, but this advocacy of the Nazi Policy of collective punishment was not enough to doom his candidacy. His decade old jokes about sexual assault apparently are enough to doom his candidacy. How is it that the promise to implement a bloody policy of the most evil political movement of the last century is not enough to disqualify one for the highest office in the land, but crass, offhand jokes caught on tape are? This worries me. As bad as jokes about sexual assault are, surely such jokes are not nearly as dangerous as the obstreperous championing of the stuff that Hitler’s goons did.

All this talk about sexual assault, though, does have me wondering how there can even be such a thing in the light of the Letter issued by Department of Justice regarding the rights of transgender students. That Letter, as you know, rules that denying transgender students access to facilities that match their gender identity constitutes discrimination based upon sex and thereby violates Title IX. The DOJ Letter does indeed explicitly state that sex encompasses the concept of "gender identity”. This inclusion requires that sex be re-defined as something that has nothing to do with anatomy. Otherwise, "gender identity" could not be included in the category of sex. Therefore, the DOJ Letter has re-defined sex to mean something that is incorporeal. If sex, then, is incorporeal, how can any bodily assault be classified as “sexual”?

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