Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pornographic Anthropology

The anthropology that underpins the LGBT agenda is exactly the same as that which underpins pornography. According to LGBTism your identity as a man or woman is as locked up in the mind as is the Cartesian Ego. It does not and cannot extend to the body. Thus, just as in Cartesian anthropology the body can be regarded only as a machine, the sexed body in LGBTism can be nothing but an instrument.

If our sexed bodies are not integral parts of our identities as men and women but merely instruments, then it is hard to understand why they would be deserving of any special dignity. We don't accord the tools we use any special dignity. True, we take care of them. We'll keep our shovels sharp and clean, for instance, but only so we can keep exploiting them for digging ditches and shoveling all sorts of muck and dreck.

This is precisely how porn stars view their bodies--as mere tools--, and because their bodies are mere tools, they do not view their work as in any way degrading because their identities are completely separate from their performing bodies.

This very same dualism obtains in LGBT Dogma. It has to be so. Otherwise, Caitlyn would be Bruce, and that's just vile hate speech. The sexed body is completely divorced from personal identity, and that's exactly what porn stars say. It's the only way they can live with themselves--by essentially saying they're incorporeal angels rather than embodied whores.

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