Monday, May 23, 2016

Another False and Slanderous Analogy

The analogy that Loretta Lynch drew between North Carolina's so-called bathroom bill and Jim Crow Segregation Laws is demonstrably false. The evil of the latter was the segregation itself and not the criteria by which it was done. Jim Crow, in other words, was unjust because those laws mandated segregation of the races. It was not unjust because Bull Connor and his like refused to segregate by a mystical concept of “racial identity” instead of race.

Those who vehemently denounce NC's bathroom bill are not objecting to segregation of public facilities. They are objecting only to how the segregation is done. If the Jim Crow analogy were true, then the opponents of HB2 would call for the abolition of segregation altogether, but they are not doing that. Not even Loretta Lynch.

Of course, this won't stop them from using this analogy because logic means nothing to them. They will use this analogy because it allows them to demonize anyone who disagrees with them as a racist. That's what many of the same people did in the "marriage equality" debate when they incessantly compared the non-recoginition of same-sex “marriage” to the criminalization of interracial marriage. It did not bother them at all that this analogy was risibly false. The stated rationale of the anti-miscegenation laws was to prevent interracial breeding. So, if we are to take the comparison between anti-miscegenation laws and the non-recognition of same-sex “marriage” seriously, then the logic of that analogy dictates that the reason behind the opposition to “marriage equality” must have been the prevention of same-sex breeding. Even opponents of “marriage equality”, as troglodytic and unenlightened as they may be, know that you don’t need the law to keep same-sex couples from reproducing. Basic human biology does precisely that already. The analogy was inane. But proponents of “marriage equality" didn't care. Again, they just wanted to demonize their opponents as racists, basic logic be damned, in the hopes of shaming them into silence. The transgender activists are using this same demagogic strategy, and it is mendacious and loathsome.

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