Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gender Theory explained in less than three minutes

My (rough) translation:

Are boys and girls the same? Not when you look at them. Girls and boys are not the same. They are different when they are little. And the older they get, the more pronounced this difference becomes. Above all they are in their natures very different. Some people claim that boys and girls are different not because they have different bodies but because their parents, families, society, schools, and everyone else construct this difference. Girls are girls simply because they are raised to be girls. Boys are boys simply because they are raised to be boys. And because they are raised differently, they are not the same. This is a problem for the gender ideologue.

For these merely acquired differences later on will hinder gender equality. How is this problem to be solved? By erasing the differences between boys and girls, thereby making them completely the same.

Therefore, the parents, the family, and society should stop trying to make boys into boys and girls into girls. But the parents, the family, and society do not understand why sexual difference should be eliminated. Therefore, this goal must be realized in the schools. In the schools, far away from the parents, children can without hindrance be taught to confound everything that is typical for boys with what is typical for girls and vice versa. Of course, Daddy can wear a dress and lipstick. Of course, a girl can swear like a trucker. And, of course, a baby can have two mommies or two daddies because the sex of parents does not matter.

In the classroom everything that is masculine and feminine is all simply mixed together, and when everything is mixed together, everything is the same, and when everything is the same, then we finally have total equality!

But… How can I be sure if I am really a boy? When everyone acts as if everything is the same, then a boy no longer knows if he’s really a boy, and a girl no longer knows if she is a girl. Has the problem of inequality been solved? No. We’ve created a new problem. We’ve confused the children.

We do not want any school to confuse children. We want our children to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. We want schools in which our children can learn about our culture and history and develop critical thinking. Let girls be girls, and let boys be boys.

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