Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Immanent Critique

So, you are talking to a very P.C. Person about Caitlynn Jenner, and this P.C. Person is very, very indignant that some people intentionally misgender this brave and stunning woman.  These people have the gall to call her Bruce.  Bruce no longer exists.  Bruce never really existed.  She was always Caitlynn.  She only appeared to be Bruce because of decades and decades of misgendering that repressed, strangled, and suffocated her feminine essence, her true core identity.

Yes, you respond, misgendering is violence.

It is, it is.  You get it, P.C. Person responds.   Journalists who misgender Caitlynn Jenner and other transgender people should be fined by the F.C.C.

Misgendering should be a criminal offense for everyone, not just journalists.  It should be classified as assault.

Well, P.C. Person hedges, I agree, but that may not be politically feasible just yet, ya know?

Fundamental rights and the necessary protections of those fundamental rights should never be politicized, you say extra sternly.

Yes, yes, P.C. Person blushingly rushes to say, you are absolutely right.

People should feel safe in their various gender identities, you continue.  If they want to identify as girls...

...then they should be called girls.

And if they want to identify as mothers...

...then they should be called mothers.

And be treated as such.

Damn straight!  Er, sorry, I mean, I wholeheartedly agree!

They should not be subjected to an oppressive regime of gender terror which seeks to deprive them of their right to define and express their identity.

Amen, sibling!

And that's why we should do away with same-sex "marriage".

P.C. Person suddenly looks as if someone just urinated on zir prom dress.  What the fuck? P.C. Person blurts out.

You agree that one of the main premisses of "marriage equality" is that kids raised by same-sex couples do just as well as those raised by opposite-sex couples, don't you?

Well, of course, I do.  That's just a basic scientific fact, and I am no anti-scientific bigot.  But what the hell does this have to do with gender dignity?!

If same-sex and opposite-sex couples are identical with regard to raising children, then it is obvious that the gender of parents does not matter.

Well, duh!  Do you have a point in all this, douchebag?!

In fact, I do, O Enlightened One.  If you accept the underpinning premise of same-sex "marriage" that the gender of the parent is not important, then logically it follows that identifying oneself as a mother cannot be important.  But saying that it is unimportant does gender violence to all those who treasure and cherish their identities as mothers.  Thus, same-sex "marriage" constitutes gender terror.

You're a bigot.

I'm just being logical, you plea.

Well, if that's what logic is, then logic is bigoted, hateful, and the exact opposite of love, and the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of love and not logic.  So, bye-bye, bigot.  I hope you enjoy the company of the Westboro Baptists because they are the only ones who are gonna tolerate your sorry, atavistic ass.  So long, hater!

Yeah, fuck you, too!

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Tom Leith said...

The only thing left is to do away with the concept of existence itself, such that "you are" is meaningless. Then will Modernism be complete, and the counterrevolution can begin.