Wednesday, September 30, 2015

For the Record

I wish the Pope, instead of visiting with Kim Davis (who should have done what Thomas More did when he could not stomach the Leviathan's re-definition of "marriage" and resigned; sorry, but Caesar won this round), had said in his address to Congress something along the lines of this:  "Marriage had been the only institution that reflected the social significance of sexual difference.  The de-sexing of marriage therefore is tantamount to a declaration that sexual difference no longer is important in the public sphere, that we all may be men and women privately, but as citizens we become amoebas.  This is, to put it as charitably as I can, absurd.  Being neutered should not be a requirement for citizenship.  And if you think I'm just harping on this because I am a Christian and the notion that marriage is the union of a man and a woman is a particular doctrine of supernatural Christian Revelation, then I beg you to ask yourselves if Ancient Sparta or Pagan Rome were Christian Theocracies.  Is Communist China?   How is it possible for these societies, which either had no knowledge of Christian Revelation or self-consciously reject all its tenets, to have defined marriage according to sexual difference if the sexual definition of marriage is supposed to be a uniquely Christian Doctrine?"

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