Saturday, August 8, 2015

An idea for an existentialist Romantic Comedy (or a twist on the typical Woody Allen Film that Allen has not done yet)

A perpetually lonely middle-aged virgin becomes so desperate that he pretends to be gay and seeks out a reparative therapist in the hope of finally, finally getting some nookie. Of course, he realizes that he must really make the fundamentalists think he really is NOT attracted to women. Otherwise, they'll kick him out of the program. So, while he's busy pretending to be a struggling gay guy, his reparative therapists have him read the Bible, assign him various prayer exercises, and so on. The man may be a pathetic loser, but he isn't stupid. His encounter with Fundamentalist Christianity makes him realize that it is really silly. He soon realizes that not just Fundamentalist Christianity is silly, but all religion. He becomes a militant atheist, and the reparative therapists kick him out of the program. He never gets nookie, all he got was an awareness that the godless universe does not give a shit about him. So, he eats himself to death while watching Internet Porn.

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