Monday, May 18, 2015

"Marriage Equality" is insane

This is an exchange I had recently with a fellow alumnus of my Catholic High School.  He is now "married" to a man in California.  You decide whether he's just humoring my Chicken Littlism or not:


One of the claims made on behalf of "marriage equality" is that same-sex couples raise children just as well as opposite-sex couples.  This has been proved by rigorous scientific study after rigorous scientific study--if, that is, one considers convenience sampling to be rigorous science.  So, if  same-sex couples raise children just as well as opposite-sex couples do, it follows that the sex of a parent does not matter.  Fine.  Then we should stop using the words "mother" and "father" because those words imply that a parent's sex somehow matters, and such a proposition is nothing but unscientific bigotry.

Furthermore, if sex does not matter in regard to parenting, then in what regard does it matter?  It can matter only for one's private sexual preferences, n'est-ce pas?  Therefore, parents should not use gendered pronouns to refer to the children they raise.  For it is just sick for parents to treat children as objects of sexual desire.  The use of gendered pronouns, in fact, constitutes child molestation.  For, again, if sex matters only for one's own personal sexual desire, then it is simply wrong to use gendered pronouns with children, thereby labeling these innocents as objects of adult desire.

Gendered pronouns should be used only in private between consenting adults.


There certainly is a movement to try to ensure an environment as sex-neutral as possible.

I would propose sexual difference is only relevant for those who actively want to reproduce "naturally", and they can share that information amongst themselves.

For everyone else there is no need to be a genital detective.


So, if a parent who just happens to be female calls its child, who happens to be male, by masculine pronouns, it is thereby revealing its intention to have coitus with the child for the sake of natural reproduction?  So, this parent is a sick pedophile, then, and social services should be called immediately.  Thank you, Sir, for confirming the utter insanity of “marriage equality”.


The parent could employ non-gendered pronouns.  The child cannot consent to coitus, so any conversations about sex or gender between parent and child would be unrelated to reproduction.


You stated quite unequivocally that sexual difference is related only to the desire to reproduce naturally.  Therefore, a mother who refers to her son with masculine pronouns can have no purpose in mind other than to rape him.  How this is not lunacy, I really do not know.


Ok - you got me!  Now what?

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