Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun, fun, fun!

Hey, kiddies, you want to have a lot of fun? There are many proponents of "marriage equality" who call their female parents "mother". Ask them if, as has been demonstrated by convenience sample after convenience sample, a parent's sex does not matter--at all--, why they continue to use words that suggest otherwise. You may want to add that it is precisely because race is completely nugatory to parenting that we don't have a word for "black parent" or "white parent" and that the entire push for "marriage equality" is premised on the notion that sex is just as nugatory as race. Then ask them again why they use "mother" when they would not dream of calling their parents "whitie" or "darky". Then just watch them hem and haw until they decide to call you an unpleasant, right-wing bigot, say something vague about Auschwitz, and then, satisfied that they have done their best to put you on the path to Enlightenment, resume their blank but haughty stare and walk away.

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