Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don't be so deferential to the Worldly Inquisition

A friend of mine just this evening alerted me to this NPR piece, yet another attempt by today's Inquisition to enforce its notion of purity of doctrine.

My friend wrote:
"They have been pushing reports like this on NPR relentlessly every morning. If there is a chance to put in any kind of 'human interest' story, 90% of the time it's about the LGBT community members. This one in particular boggled my mind. The reporter is so biased, I don't think he could have asked his questions any more unfairly. What bothers me really is that the farmer in the story comes across like a nice person, who will rather concede than offend.

The most interesting part I think starts at about minute 6. If you have the time to listen, afterwards, could you please comment? What could have the farmer said?
What could any of us say to this?"

Yeah, we Christians have become just too "nice", mistaking Christ's Injunction to turn the other cheek   to mean accepting patent absurdities like same-sex "marriage" rather than defend the obvious.  Turning the other cheek means only that a Christian should not resort to violence to defend himself.  It does not mean that we should surrender our intellects to nonsense.  Neither does it mean that we should not call nonsense by its true name.  The farmer, true, stood his ground on marriage (sort of, anyway) but was too damn meek to put up anything resembling a firm and coherent defense of the sexual definition of marriage, and this, I repeat, is taking Christian Meekness much, much too far.  Soon, we'll be too meek to assert the certain truth of basic arithmetic.

This, I suggest, is what the farmer should have told David Greene:

Contrary to what some revisionist historians may say, marriage, through all of its myriad permutations, has always been premised upon sexual difference even before—centuries before—the existence of the Christian Church. In fact, marriage has been the only societal institution that reflects the public importance of sexual difference. The legal recognition of same-sex ‘marriage’ says that marriage has nothing to do with sexual difference and, therewith, that sexual difference really doesn’t matter. Well, if it does not matter that we are men and women, that the human species is both male and female, then, well, I reckon we might as well be amoebas. But I ain’t no amoeba, and I sure as hell don’t need the Bible or any Pope to tell me that. Same-sex “marriage” is an offense to reality. Good day, sir.

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