Monday, August 11, 2014

Antigone, re-written for our times

The surrogate mother of Antigone raises a rebellion against Creon for the restoration of her parental rights. The rebellion is crushed mercilessly, and Creon orders that the corpse of Antigone's mother be left out in the hot sun as food for maggots and vultures. Antigone longs to give her mother a proper burial, but her two fathers tell her that she must respect the laws of the state and that those laws have decreed that she owes filial devotion only to them. The two fathers forbid her to leave the house, but Antigone sneaks out a window, finds the battlefield, and starts burying her mother. She is caught by the Theban SWAT team and hauled before Creon himself, who tells Antigone that he did what he did to make it clear to her and the whole of Thebes that motherhood is not necessary for a family and also to make Antigone understand the integrity and closeness of her own family and its concord with other families in her community and in her daily life. Creon then orders that Antigone be summarily executed.

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