Friday, March 7, 2014


Remember when atheists were cool? They wore black turtlenecks and berets and recited bad poetry to free jazz, bemoaning the absurdity of a godless existence and the inhumanity of industrial, mass-produced modernity, and then would get shitfaced, if they weren't already. Now atheists seem to be obsessed with demonstrating that their morality is far more righteous than that contained in a book which they were supposed to have demonstrated to be a silly compendium of childish fairy tales a thousand times over by now. How pathetic!

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Tom Leith said...

Sort of. Probably saw it in movies. They smoked a lot too. Never saw the attraction of that. That spoken-word with jazzy what, "texture"? laid over it could be cool. But they were right about the inhumanity of industrial, mass-produced modernity.