Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Outright Gnosticism

The following is a reply I just received to my hateful, bigoted, Nazi-like defense of the coital conception of marriage:

"Homosexuals can have kids, by the way, through sperm donation and women who wish to carry one's child. Personally, I don't want to fuck or have children. Sex is okay, I guess, but I don't want my body almost ripped in half just because you want me to have kids. Why don't you try to poop a cantaloupe because that is the equivalent of childbirth. Also, I don't care about flesh. Vagina, penis, both, neither, all I care about is the person. The person I want to be with for my whole life. I want to be with them for who they are, not what they are. Also, asexuals want to get married also, it's equal rights. Freedom to marry the person you want to be with 'til death because you love them more than any one else in this world."

So, the person has NOTHING to do with his or her or its body. Σῶμα, σῆμα, indeed! By the way, I wonder how this anthropology which underpins every argument for the legal recognition of same-sex "marriage" jibes with the materialist notion that we have no minds, just brains.

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