Thursday, January 2, 2014

Okay, I'll write something

I don't like 2014 so far.  It's bitterly cold.  I have a headache.  The rich are still getting richer, and the poor--since the Government sees fit to punish them with draconian cuts in the Food Stamp Program, Unemployment Benefits, etc--are not just getting poorer but might well become criminally desperate as well.  Perhaps, the beggars along the Magnificent Mile will rise up against the Indifferent Rich in their Mink Coats and slit their pablum-oozing throats.

That might make for wonderful theatre, giving a pathetic cripple like me, who deeply resents the Schickimickis, a chance to revel in a bit of class-conscious Schadenfreude, but it won't happen.  The Magnificent Mile is too well policed.  What is more likely to happen is this:  the poor will just turn on each other for what little scraps the Arrogant Plutocrats have deigned to leave behind.  And, accordingly, the run-down areas in St. Louis where I often wait for mass transit will become more dangerous.  I might get knifed.

Happy New Year in the United States, the Land of Creative Destruction!

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