Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good song, Ms. Hunt, but...

...acceptance is still not good enough for that implies that there is something that needs to be accepted  and that we have the power to accept or reject it.  No one would plea for acceptance for heterosexual marriage as if it were a stranger coming out of the cold.  Heterosexual marriage is a familiar, joyful, and socially necessary given and is celebrated as such.  Full and complete "marriage equality" won't be achieved until same-sex "marriage"  is treated in the exact same way.  We must celebrate same-sex "marriages" as normal, healthy, and socially productive.  Anything short of that, even a lyrical plea for acceptance, still has tainted vestiges of homophobia. So, sorry, Ms. Hunt, but your song doesn't quite meet the criteria demanded by the Riddle Scale.

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