Saturday, January 11, 2014

And I might as well admit this

I have viewed a tremendous amount of internet pornography.  Last week-end especially.  That was the week-end of the ungodly snowstorm.  I got snowed in.  My kitchen sink backed up.  I was lonely.  I had cabin fever, and my house was falling apart around me.  The trapped powerlessness was frustrating, and so I tried to remedy this by watching hours of female slavery.  Seeing woman moan and scream just to satisfy my perverse whims would distract me from my humiliating sense of powerlessness.  Yeah, right.

The only way to get any satisfaction out of porn is to obliterate your rational soul and become as indifferent to human suffering as a hyena.  For if you think at all while watching these young women getting slapped, gagged, choked, sodomized, and fucked in the least affectionate and most poundingly brutal way possible, you simply cannot avoid the realization that porn is exactly what Dworkin and McKinnon say it is:  prostitution, exploitation, and slavery.  No self-respecting human being would consent to such degrading treatment.  And if that gives you a power trip, then you are evil.  I was evil.  I am now ashamed.

I have sworn by my Mother's Ashes never to view porn again.

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