Friday, January 17, 2014

A Future PSA on NBC

Danny Pino:  When you see two men walking down the street with a baby stroller on a sunny day, you may want to go up to them and say what an adorable little baby they have.  Because everyone likes cute babies.

Kelly Giddish:  But as you are trying to give that cute bundle of joy the giggles, please, don't ask the fathers, "Where's the Mommy?"  That says to the couple they are deficient as parents simply because both of them are the same sex.

Danny Pino:  And that is homophobia and bigotry.

Kelly Giddish:  Don't be a heterosexist supremacist.  You'll sleep better at night.


Tom Leith said...

Sending this to Kevin: he should produce it with young, earnest actors.

Sebonde said...

You like this. Good.