Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh, Brother Tom

Why do you not have a weblog?  Or do you, but just not on Blogger.com?  Anyway, get thee off facebook.  Facebook is evil.  It runs adverts for the Russian Sex Trade.  But, then again, Google, which  owns Blogger.com, probably does much worse things like, say, creating a privately owned global surveillance state.

Geez.  The Amish look better with each passing day.  The Amish can't be wiretapped or hacked.  Of course, they are still vulnerable to whatever depredations Google may have planned with Google Earth.    Which once provoked me to say, "Hey, neato!"  That's how technocratic totalitarianism begins, folks--by being awestruck by its power.

We're all fucked.  (except, perhaps, the Amish).

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Tom Leith said...

Я очень хорошо знаю Facebook запускает рекламу для русской секс-торговли. Как вы думаете, я поддерживаю себя без вашего Капиталистическая наследство? Я только надеюсь, что они не обнаружили Я не русский.