Sunday, November 3, 2013

John Emerson

This is the guy who represents us to Germany?  No wonder the Krauts still think we are fucking idiots. His American Accent is so grotesque that it is a parody of itself, but, fine, people who learn languages at a late age often cannot shake the dominance of their native tongue.  Mr. Emerson can be forgiven for his truly grating pronunciation of German.  But was there no one on his staff who knew enough German to save Mr. Emerson from a really basic and loud subject-verb agreement error?  Or are all embassy staff with that level of German proficiency too busy transcribing and translating Angela Merkel's phone calls to give their boss a primer on the conjugation of German verbs?

Hey, if the American Embassy in Berlin needs a German Tutor or even a copy editor, I am available.

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