Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bad Writing is Bad Timing

According to the blogger.com stats, my pageviews are increasing.  This may or may not indicate an increasing in readership.  It may indicate merely that the same two or three bored people are so bored that they are re-reading my posts.  Well, I should say that I am honored that there are a few who regard my dyspeptic drivel a more interesting distraction than the latest Cat Video on YouTube.  But even if my readership is increasing, the same cannot be said about the quality of my writing.  I thought that if I wrote something every day, my writing would become more practiced, sure, and interesting, provoking my readership to beg me to write the Next Great American Novel.  Well, that has not happened.  And it won't happen.  Successful writers all start writing in earnest in their teens or early twenties, and by the time they've reached my age, they have long since exorcised all of their bad writing demons.  That's what Juvenilia is for, after all.  Middle-age is not the time to do Juvenilia, especially when the second bout of pathetic childishness is just a few years away.

I wasted my youth.

Oh, and there is another possibility for the increase in pageviews:  Doublechecking by the NSA (although you'd think the agency would know how to disappear any internet footprint it might make).  Or the government's Health Care Website sent people here by mistake.  No insurance exchanges here.  Try eating an apple a day.  That's all I can tell ya.  Sowwy.

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Tom Leith said...

Well, Paul, 45 is the new fifteen -- write away!