Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Kids are Alright

Oh, by the way, I actually own a copy of The Kids are Alright, you know, that most ballyhooed Hollywood film that supposedly shows the normality of a Lesbian Family. Like hell it does. The very first scene shows how the kids are smothered by two worrying moms. The son begs his sister to petition to unseal their donor's records the second she turns eighteen. In other words, this hagridden son has been for some time wanting to know who the fuck his father is. The moms' movie night consists in watching hardcore gay porn. I am really at a loss to know how that could betoken anything but that these two women secretly pine after dick.

Anyway, the children contact their sperm donor (i.e. FATHER), and he is eventually introduced to their moms, one of whom starts fucking him regularly. Perfectly natural thing to do, right? Having sexual intercourse with the father of your children, but in this supposedly normal context, it counts as betrayal. The other mom finds out about this wicked affair, and there is screaming, and everyone is glum for a while until the scene of the Family Reconciliation Dinner, in which apologies are finally accepted, transgressions forgiven and normality is supposed to have settled back in again. But then the sperm donor shows up at their door, wanting to join in. But the "horned" mom will have none of him. She tells him to leave, angrily calling him an interloper, and then, in what has to be the most unwittingly ironic line in cinematic history, she tells him, "if you want a family, then start your own!"

This is supposed to be a ringing endorsement of same-sex "marriage"? Good Lord, the National Organization for Marriage should buy up thousands of DVDs of this film and distribute it to its base as proof that even a serious attempt at depicting same-sex "marriage" can't help becoming a grotesque farce.

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