Thursday, October 24, 2013


Blogger stats tell me that this weblog received forty-two pageviews from servers in Indonesia.  Who the hell in Indonesia is reading this shit?  Then again, the readers may not be from or living in Indonesia but are reading my weblog on terminals with internet connections routed through servers in Indonesia in the hope that, maybe, the NSA has not bothered to spy there.  But such hope is absurd.   Coca-cola (among other U.S. poisons) is sold in Indonesia.  Therefore, the U.S. Government has an interest in what happens in Indonesia.  Hell, the U.S. helped Suharto kill millions of his political opponents, all in the name of keeping markets open, supine, and exploitable.  We've had interests there for many, many, many decades.  So, I can't imagine Indonesian Internet Servers would not be of interest to the prying eyes of the United States Government, everything else is.  But I am babbling.

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