Friday, October 4, 2013


I should explain my last post.  I was surfing (which I really should stop patronizing because the company relies on slave labor--the slaves are called 'interns'--, supports the abolition of heteronormativity, and is hellbent on burning the book--the name of 'Kindle' is no accident) for films starring the lovely Karine Vanasse.  I happed upon a few, one of which was Polytechnique, a film about the 1989 massacre at the Montréal university.  Amazon itself did not have a copy, but it was available through Amazon from various vendors, one of which was some place in Japan.  That vendor had a Blu-ray disc of the film for over $110,000.  I forget the exact amount but do remember it was over 110 grand.

Since my last posting, either someone has agreed to blow enough money to feed several starving families in Africa for decades on a disc or Amazon has removed the offer.  In any case, it's gone.  Replaced with one offer for 200 dollars.  Still pricey, but severely discounted enough to obliterate the extremity of understatement I had intended with my last post.  Oh, well.

Why the deuce would anyone pay over 110 grand for a Blu-ray disc of anything?  And why would anyone think that anyone would?  Well, maybe, maybe, if it were the only recording available of, say, the only clear footage of the Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll.  But the film Polytechnique, even though it seems to be out of print, is readily available on DVD for under thirty bucks.  Is the picture so much better on Blu-ray that it's worth mortgaging your house and wiping out your Kids' college fund for?  Geez, it might just be cheaper to hire the cast of Polytechnique to come to your house and do a dramatic reading of the script.

Does this particular Blu-ray version of Polytechnique have some really rare manufacturing glitch that is irresistible to collectors of really rare manufacturing glitches?  And who in their right mind would collect manufacturing glitches as a hobby?

Or was it just a weird typo?  Did the guy responsible for entering the information of this offer spill his drink on the numbers keypad just before he was to enter the price and unwittingly pressed eight digits plus the enter key as he wiped up the mess?

Or was this Japanese vendor selling something else under the guise of offering a Blu-ray disc.  Sarin Gas? Anthrax?  A snuff video?  Heroin?

And why the fuck am I wondering about this at all?

p.s.  According to Wikipedia Article, the film grossed only 1.66 million dollars.  The film had a budget of six million.  Thus, the amount of money this Japanese Vendor wanted for this disc was roughly 7 percent of the film's total box office gross and two percent of its budget.

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