Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One More Try

I repeat for the zillionth time that my argument against same-sex "marriage" IN NO WAY depends upon the moral disapproval of what same-sex couples do to express intimacy. Neither does it depend on the claim that acts of intimacy between same-sex couples are somehow unnatural. My argument against ss'm' rests entirely on the claim that because coitus alone among the myriad acts of intimacy can and very often does have a quite noticeable public consequence, the state has an obviously compelling interest in encouraging its responsible use and discouraging its irresponsible use, whereas the interest the state has in encouraging the responsible use of other acts of intimacy such as holding hands, frottage, really deep conversations about Proust is at best not obvious and hardly compelling.

How this makes me a bigot as vile as a racist or an anti-Semite, I don't know. How this puts me in the same basket with the polygenecists and eugenecists who opposed interracial marriage, I do not know. How this puts me in the same class as the religious extremists who call for the slaughter of infidels, I do not know

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