Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Political Fiat is Great

As both Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage and many other homosexuals will attest, the disappointment that parents have when they discover their child is gay usually comes from the thinking that gays cannot marry and give their parents grandchildren. But this thinking, of course, rests on the religious extremist Fantasy that marriage in essence is about procreation. Marriage is in essence about nothing as it is merely a contract and, hence, simply a social construct that can easily be changed by political fiat. Therefore, if parents are disappointed that their gay children can't get "married", they should focus their disappointment on their government and NOT blame their children who are the victims. Similarly, parenthood is also a social construct, and parents who think their gay children can't give them grandchildren have thought so only because political fiat had not extended parental rights to gay couples. But all that has either changed or is rapidly changing. The Sweetness and Light of Equality!!!

And, now, there is an emerging awareness that children of two daddies or two mommies really miss having a mother or a father and thus have an inchoate sense of deprivation. But, of course, that's easily remedied as well. Mother and Fathers are just gender rĂ´les and as such are social constructs which, as we've just seen, can be changed with the wondrous magic of Political Fiat (peace and blessings be upon It). The state can call men mothers and women fathers, and, presto, no child, not even children raised by same-sex couples, will ever be deprived of a mother and a father. But what about single-parent families? The state can call single parents hermaphrodites. Simple. Problem solved!

Now I am waiting for the day when Political Fiat grants my fondest wish and officially rechristens my wanking off as having Incredibly Hot and Sweaty Sex with Keira Knightley.

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