Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Marriage Equality" and the Brave New World

Proponents of what is called "marriage "equality" would have us believe that all sexual acts are equal in the same sense that religious freedom in effect declares all religions equal. They are all equal in this respect, that no one's private religious beliefs are supposed to matter in the public sphere. But this is madness. Whereas one can argue with some degree of plausibility that the public sphere can function without the guidance of a particular religion, no one can seriously argue that the public sphere exists at all without the work of one particular sexual orientation, namely heterosexuality--unless, of course, one wants to make the case for Huxley's "bottling". And that just vindicates what I have been saying for years and years and years, namely that the Brave New World is the eventual and logical consequence of this absurdity known as marriage "equality".

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