Thursday, August 2, 2012

On my bucket list

I want a Calvinist to explain to me why human beings are intrinsically superior to cockroaches.


David Welgus said...

Ask my cousin. He was raised a Methodist and then converted to Calvanism at the age of 16. Surely that puts him in the running for lamest teenager ever. In any case, he's reasonably smart and fiercely committed to Calvanism.

Sebonde said...

Well, give him my e-mail address, then, Dave. Oh, and I am very touched that you decided to follow my irrational rants. True friendship!

David Welgus said...

I don't really know him very well. He doesn't talk much and I don't see that part of my family very often. I shouldn't have called him lame, actually, since I suspect his Calvanism is really an act of youthful rebellion, as odd as that may sound. His father (my uncle) is very conservative and his mother is very liberal. I think his mother is overly critical of him and the Calvanism/hyper-Conservativism is a way of sticking it to her. I suspect he'll turn out all right in the long run. Anyway, I checked out your blog because I was worried by your sudden disappearance from the facebook universe.