Friday, August 31, 2012


The username of my e-mail address is "sadecamus". Now, some of my fellow Catholics, trying to be charitable, have gone to their Latin Dictionaries and searched in vain for the verb "sadeco". And then I have to tell them as gently as I can that the name is not from an innocent Latin verb but instead an amalgamation of the surnames of two notorious French Atheists. Scandal.

I then tell them that I adopted the name because I just like the sound. But that's not true (even though "sadecamus" does sound very cool). I like to scandalize, and that's bad. So, I had to find another excuse because changing usernames is a hassle. Fortunately the New Atheists came along to give me one.

Now I say that I use the username to taunt them. The "New Atheists" would like us to believe two things: 1) that Atheism is the ONLY world view that leads to a truly moral life and 2) that meaning is indeed possible in a universe without God. Well, the life and, more importantly, the atheistic philosophy of the Marquis make the first claim dubious, and Camus devoted most of his writing trying to teach people how to cope with ultimate meaningless. In short, my e-mail address impishly dissents from the solemn and insufferably arrogant Magisterium of the "New Atheism".

And if that fails, I'll just return to the euphony argument.

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Thesauros said...

The new atheists are much like new (Western) Buddhists. You never regress to a lower or more primitive life form. Instead, we're always evolving higher and higher, better and better. To the new atheists, progressive simply means different than what came before.