Monday, January 5, 2009

A quick note to my readers

I apologize for not having written much of late. I have been in a bit of a funk. The Blagojevich Scandal has really got me down, actually. I now tell people that I am from Arkansas. I'd rather have people think I slept with my first cousin than suppose I ever voted for the most wicked, corrupt man since, well, the previous Illinois Governor.

Even though my once childlike faith in my Chicago masters has now been brutally popped, I still can look at Washington D.C. for textbook examples of virtue and fortitude. I can truly say, for instance, that I am proud that both parties in our nation's Capitol are full square behind Israel's decision to bomb the shit out of a bunch of poor, starving people in Gaza and then roll over what's left of them with tanks. Surely no one has to be bribed to support that self-evidently noble cause.

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Jason said...

And you can be heartened to know that Israel has officially said that it doesn't target civilians; it only kills them on accident...well, if it's more than 30 at one time. If it's less than 30, it's okay to target them intentionally. More than 30, complete accident...but still justified.