Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Some Obvious Thoughts

So, Hamdan, UBL's driver, got five and a half years. That's pretty much time served and a few months. He'll be out by New Year's--if, that is, Bush abides by the ruling. That's pretty soft for someone who is supposed to be one of the worst of the worst totally depraved, bloodthirsty terrorist monsters of all time, UBL's driver. Two possibilities: 1) Gitmo has been infilitrated by bleeding heart, traitorous card-carrying members of ACLU, a.k.a Al Qaeda in America, who really want the United States to lose the war on terror or 2) Even Bush's own Kangaroo Court doesn't believe his bullshit.

Doesn't expending all this time, energy, and money on a War Crimes Tribunal for a lowly driver whose only crime apparently was carting around UBL to and from dialysis trivialize the very notion of a war crime? Or does this mean we should be deathly afraid of anyone who has simply been in UBL's omnimalignant presence? Gee, I hope our troops track down that vicious motherfucker who dyed UBL's hair. I won't be able to sleep at night until they do. At least, we brought that nefarious chauffeur to justice. Thank God!

In other news, Russia has pre-emptively invaded Georgia. Bad, bad Russia. We must get the U.N. to condemn her because we can't allow a country to invade another country just because it says it feels threatened. Besides, Russia really isn't threatened. It just wants control of the pipeline that runs through Georgia, and wars for control of oil flow are just evil, and... Oh, right. Oops! Nevermind!

Geopolitical karma, baby! Gotta love it!

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