Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ah, geez!

I just now received an angry letter from a subscriber of mine. She is insulted over what I wrote in my current "status": "A wanna-be Socrates is doing what a great majority of the MySpace population can't do. He is reading books." She thinks I mean her. Well, I meant her if and only if she considers herself to be in the great majority of the MySpace population or, to put it another way, the mindless herd. I have looked through countless profiles on MySpace, and more often than not when I scroll down to the book section, I either find it blank or, what is even more discouraging, a very insulting and churlish comment such as, "Reading is for losers," or "Who reads?" Well, such loutish anti-intellectualism is rampant on MySpace as it is in this godforsaken excuse for a country. It's one of the reasons why we have an autistic child with an out-of-whack pituitary gland as president, and if you act like stupid grunts, then you can't expect not to be called stupid grunts. This subscriber wants me to apologize. I just have in the classical sense of apologia. But that's not what she meant, of course. She meant apologize in the modern sense. I am no modernist.

I am, frankly, surprised that I did receive this letter from a regular reader of my weblog. I have always assumed she has read my profile, in which I make it very clear that I really, really love elitism. Elitism, in fact, gives me a hard-on, to be quite honest. Well, the definition of elitism is contempt for hoi poloi, the many, the rabble, the demos, the great majority. This is why no politician wants to be branded as an elitist in a democracy because he does not want to piss off the source of his power, namely the Great Majority. If the Great Majority can't handle the truth, well, then the truth is elitist, and politicians will beat eachother up in a surreal contest over who is better at defying the aloof truth in the name of the common man. But a wanna-be philosopher like me loves the truth, however despised it may be by the unwashed. If the great majority does not like what I write, then let them shove hemlock down my throat.

Now, let me hasten to add that every one of my subscribers is a fellow elitist and, therefore, not a member of the ignorant many. How do I know this? Because they all can read my weblog, of course. As can that woman who sent me the angry letter. I would suggest that this woman, instead of waiting for an apology from me (in the modern sense), review basic set theory (and circular arguments, of course).

Arrogantly yours,

an unabashed elitist.

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