Monday, July 7, 2008


Newsflash: The Book of Isaiah disproves the Christian Faith. The discovery of this particular book is not exactly new. In fact, copies of this book have been available in many households and major bookstore chains throughout the nation for years, if not decades, but it wasn't until an iconoclastic Biblical Scholar in the Religious Studies Department at Washington University in St. Louis was at a keg party on frat row, that the impact that this book has for many Christian Believers could be evaluated with precision. "You know, my hook-up left me and I was bored," remarked this iconoclastic, maverick, cutting-edge Biblical Scholar, "and I saw a dog-eared copy of the KJV (a highly literal translation of what many know as the Hebrew Bible with Christian Era Writings, also known as the New Testament in some places). So, I thought, what the hell. Got nothing better to do except drink more Keystone Beer, which really sucks. So, I picked it up and read it. I landed on the later chapters of Isaiah, what we avante-garde types know as the deutero part, and I was amazed. There was a pronounced expectation of a Messiah, and a suffering one at that! And this was not even a Christian-Era text. So, clearly, obsession with the Messiah is not uniquely Christian. This means that Christianity is not unique." This iconoclastic B.S. will publish his scholarly findings in the Fall Edition of Hermeneutics Are Us.

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