Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here We Go Again

Well, many people are awing and oohing about how historically significant it is that a black man is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. And some people are now worried that if this darky is elected, Obama will have the Black Panthers impose martial law. Yeah, well, if McCain is elected, he'll have Blackwater impose martial law. But Blackwater is run by a good Christian white man (yeah, Erik Prince is Catholic, and that makes me want to convert to Islam). Yeah, if we're gonna have fascism, let's make sure it is at least Christian and white.

Anyway, I am not impressed at all by the Historical Import of Obama's candidacy. Half the color may have changed for this election, but for me, a guy who at least makes a stab at being an orthodox Catholic, it's still that basic scenario we had four fucking years ago, a lunatic warmonger against a lunatic proponent of legalized abortion. Well, at least this time the lunatic pro-abort was solidly against the Iraq War from the gitgo. Then again, after the gitgo, he voted repeatedly to fund the war, except once, and even then he waited until it was clear the funding would pass before he cast his vote. And Obama has not repudiated the Doctrine of Pre-emption, which is America's divine right to use military force every time its hyperventillating paranoia acts up. Obama has repeatedly showed his willingness to bomb Pakistan, if, that is, "actionable intelligence" shows Pakistan to be a big bad ominous threat just as it once showed Iraq to be a big bad ominous threat. And Obama has not said anything about the War in Afghanistan, where we replaced the oppresive Taliban with the equally oppressive and murderous and raping Warlords of the Northern Alliance. But, next to McCain, Obama is the Peace Candidate. Next to Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner is a gentleman. America is truly the land of Lowered Expectations.

But I as a Catholic am not allowed to vote for any Peace Candidate as long as that candidate is all for legalized abortion, and Obama is for legalized abortion. If I vote at all, I must vote for the candidate who is opposed or says he's opposed to legalized abortion, and that would be John McCain. It does not matter that John McCain wants war and more war because viagra is not enough excitement for the old man. It does not matter that he fully supports a war in which our bombs are responsible not only for the murder of babies but also for the destruction of Arab Television Crews that dared report these atrocities to the world. It does not matter that John McCain supports a war premised upon demonstrable lies and supports waging more wars simply on a whim. As long as John McCain says that he would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, he is pro-life. Yeah, well, I want Roe overturned as well, but if pro-life means you can be a psychotic warmonger who thinks it's funny to sing about bombing millions of people to a Beach Boys' tune, then "pro-life" has obviously become an Orwellianism.

Besides, the overturning of Roe itself will not outlaw abortion. It will just give states the authority to outlaw abortion if they choose (and if South Dakota does not have the guts to outlaw abortion, it doesn't look like any other state will either). What the overturning of Roe will do is remove abortion as an issue in national elections, and then the Republicans can no longer tell us, "Yeah, we fuck the poor and the unions and want to change this country into a fascist dictatorship, but you Christians have to vote for us because we will appoint justices who will eventually overturn Roe." When they no longer can tell us that, they will lose a big part of their base. The Republicans, therefore, have an existential interest in keeping Roe seemingly threatened but nonetheless completely safe.

No, I am not going to vote for Barack Obama. His stance on abortion frankly repulses me. He went so far as to vote against an Illinois Bill that would have mandated medical aid to babies surviving that hideous procedure of dilation and extraction. He voted against said bill because, he reasoned, it contradicted the definition of personhood handed down to us by the Supreme Court. I would think that a black man, especially one schooled in American Constitutional History as Mr. Obama is, would not defer so quickly to The Supreme Court's supposed authority to define what a person is. After all, such deference 151 years ago meant acceptance of brutal chattel slavery.

That I am not going to vote for Mr. Obama does not mean that I am going to vote for Mr. McCain. No, in fact, I have little or no respect for people who would vote for that senile fascist. Also, if I am told by my fellow Catholics that true pro-lifers will vote for McCain, I will become so sick that I might vomit on them.

It should be noted that my vote does not matter anyway. I live in Southern Illinois, and in national elections, my vote always gets drowned out by the Chicago dead, and this year it is a certainty that the dead of Chicago will be out in full force for Barack Obama. I am never any match for the Chicago zombies.

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