Saturday, May 3, 2008

A rant about a silly facebook group

[I hate to admit it, but, yes, I have a profile on facebook, which is much more fascist than the Murdoch-owned MySpace has ever been. Case in point, I was for a while blogging on a facebook weblog. After I had posted an essay on the grave evils of onanism, my entire weblog disappeared or, to use the appropriate fascist voice, was disappeared. Mark Zuckerberg (or however you spell that dweeb's name) doesn't like it when one of his subjects dumps on his favorite hobby. Anyway, yes, I am still on it because it is the only way I can keep in contact with the Wash. U. Crowd. Because I have alot of Wash. U. friends on facebook, I get to see a bit of what the Wash. U. studentry is up to. So far I have not seen any facebook group calling for the burning down of the ROTC Building. The radical contingent at Wash. U. nowadays seems to extend only to protesting the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Phyllis Schlafly. How banal. Anyway, I thought about joining this group to rant about how silly it is, but I had better things to do such as scanning Bush's speeches for grammatical errors. But then one of my facebook a "friends", a certain Jerome Bauer, posted this group to his newsfeed, allowing me to comment on it. I could not resist that temptation. Nota bene: Chief among Ms. Schlafly's sins that has provoked this group's furor is a remark that spousal rape is impossible because the act of marriage is consent to sex anywhere at anytime with one's partner.--PSR]

Oh, goody, I get to comment on this group without having to join it. Thanks, Dr. Bauer. Okay, my comment: No, I don't think Washington University should honor Ms. Schlafly, not because she is anti-feminist, but because she is an idiot. That said, I must say, in the interest of full disclosure, that I agree with her on matters such as abortion and gay "marriage". I do not agree with her comment on spousal rape. But, again, not because it does not square with some feminist ideology but because it does not square with Catholic Teaching, and Schlafly is supposed to be Catholic. Although, she seems to be more Republican than Catholic. During the Republican Primary she seemed more concerned with permanent taxcuts for the rich than with electing a truly anti-abortion candidate, making the singularly Republican Error in thinking that taxing the rich is the only intrinsic evil.

So, Wash. U. should stand on feminist principles and withdraw this honor for Ms. Schlafly? You gotta be kidding me! If Wash. U. stood on feminist principles, it would get rid of fratrow which is in the business of plying bright young ladies with that ontological darkness known as Keystone Beer for the sake of transforming them into jaded sluts. If Wash U. had any feminist principles at all, it would have at the very least censured Student Life for advertising a sex toy lecture sponsored by the Pornography Industry, a racket that earns its filthy lucre, of course, by blatant and frequently violent exploitation of women. Wash. U. could have also not allowed this event to take place on university property. And if this group had any sense whatsoever, it would realize that fratboys and the pornography industry have done far more harm to the feminist cause and to women than an idiotic faux pax of an octonagerian virago ever could.

Finally, the very idea that Wash. U. is concerned about any principles at all, let alone feminist ones, is risible. If it were, it would not be, for instance, taking money from Monsanto, the company that wants to patent and then poison the world's food supply. All Wash. U. cares about is prestige, and today prestige is defined as celebrity. That's why the commencement speakers of recent years have not been scholars, as one would expect at an institution which claims devotion to scholarship, but celebrities such as Tim Russert last year and Chris Matthews this year. Phyllis Schlafly is a celebrity, and for Wash. U., that's all that matters.

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