Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gay "Marriage" might break the back of the Israel Lobby

Arizona Senator Jonathan Kyl this morning on Rupert Murdoch's excuse for a Sunday Morning News Show repeated the shrilly trumpeted argument that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is an unappeasable Hitler because he ominously called for Israel to be wiped off the map. Well, no, he did not. President Ahmadinejad has been mistranslated and taken out of context by the true unappeasable Hitlers, the neo-con cabal which runs the United States. Ahmadinejad said actually that the force occupying Jerusalem should vanish from the pages of history. I agree that it should as well. I, who try to be a good Catholic, like to follow the Vatican (whenever I can), and the Vatican's official position is that Jerusalem should be under international administration. Therefore, the Vatican wants the force now occupying Jerusalem to vanish. Does this mean the Vatican is an unappeasable Hitler as well?

I might point out that even the neo-cons would want the present regime in Jerusalem to vanish into historical oblivion as well--if they really believed their cant about the global spread of liberal democracy, that is.

The neo-con rhetoric about the global juggernaut of freedom is ultimately based upon Hegel's concept of history. According to Hegel, the history of ideological strife is supposed to end when everyone recognizes one another as a worker in one big happy, middle-class democracy, thereby dissolving once and for all the master/slave dichotomy which had heretofore been the sole motor of world history. Of course, if the neo-cons really truly believed this, they would not be working feverishly to advance an economic system that enriches fat, lazy, wrecklessly speculating rentiers at the expense of the world's workers, but nevermind that. At the level of their rhetoric they are supposed to be committed to a political system not based upon any aristocracy, caste system, or confessional hierarchy but based soley upon the equality of all capable of working.

But Israel, the neo-con's god, is very much an aristocracy, caste system, and confessional hierarchy. It is openly and unapologetically a Jewish State, where non-Jews are constitutionally denied the same rights enjoyed by Jews. Equality before the law is supposed to be a sine qua non of the type of democracy the neo-cons profess to promote and champion. Yet, such a concept is simply foreign in the country they are wont to call the Beacon of Democracy in the Middle East. Your lot in Israel does not depend so much on your labor but upon your caste. A Russian Jew, for instance, will get a nice roomy house in the West Bank simply because he's a Jewish Immigrant. A Gazan Palastinian, however, must waste away in what is known everywhere except in Zionist occupied America as the World's Biggest Prison. And just as the poor peasants with howlingly empty bellies seethed as they watched the Aristocrats of the Ancien Regime feast on delicate pastries, the desperately parched Palestinians must watch as their privileged Jewish neighbors water their lawns and fill their swimming pools. This is a far cry from the Hegelian Democracy envisioned in neo-con propaganda. But the neo-cons are, of course, filthy liars.

It pisses me off that Israel has such a hold on our politics. The Israel Lobby has even gotten ahold of the candidate that brags about his refusal to be bribed by lobbies, Barack Hussein Obama. All this blather about his being the candidate of Hamas is just that. If he were really the Hamas candidate, I would frankly be tempted to vote for him (only slightly tempted, though). A Hamas guy in the Oval Office would really pressure Israeli into a genuine peace deal and thereby inject some sanity into our Middle East Policy. But Hamas is a terrorist organization! Yeah, like the term "conservative", "terrorist" is a relative term. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter, and if I were confined to a prison like Gaza, deprived of water and medical supplies, I would probably want to launch rockets at my jailers, too.

We've got to break this stranglehold the Israel Lobby has on us. It makes us abandon all thought and delivers us to such monstrous absurdities as the idea that a country that has yet to develop even one deliverable nuclear weapon is a Hitlerian menace to one of the largest nuclear powers in the world today or the notion that if our politicians even so much as talk to a political party that won the Palestinian popular vote in what Our Dear Leader would call "free and fair elections", a slippery slope will swiftly will lead to another Auschwitz. This is just silly, and it needs to stop, but we won't stop it by blaming some insidious Jewish conspiracy. The Jews do have much political power in this country, but that power would not be nearly so comprehensive as it now is if the Rapturite Evangelicals were not their useful idiots. Worshippers of Israel like that psychopath John Hagee.

If we could just makes these Evangelicals turn on Israel, then the Israel Lobby would be as effective as, say, the pro-life lobby. But how? Israel is the place where the rebuilt Temple is supposed to trigger Armaggedon and thereby the Third Coming (the Second Coming is the Rapture). So, the Evangelicals won't do anything that may spoil Jesus's welcoming party. Therefore, we must pamper Israel with millions of dollars in aid even though the Israelis are now comfortably middle class and then some. But what if we can convince the Evangelicals that Israel is an apostate land and that Christ would never enter a rebuilt Temple in a land that has flagrantly flouted His word?

Of course, killing, torturing, and tyrannizing the weak does not rise to the level of apostacy. The weak are Palestinians, and on the Evangelical reading of Holy Writ, the Israelis have been remiss only in not killing them all. Killing the Muslim Infidel is, after all, God's work. It has to be something that really makes Evangelicals sick, and mass genocide in the name of a Holy War or the Clash of Civilizations doesn't do that, but gay "marriage" just might.

If Israel were to allow gay "marriage", that just might get people like Hagee and his dittoheads to slap the flat of their hands against their foreheads and realize that depraved countries like Israel must be stopped lest the whole world get buggered. Well, Israeli Law does not allow gay "marriage" yet, but an Israeli Court has recently ruled that Israel must recognize gay "marriages".

So, here's my plan: We buy all the gay couples in Israel tickets to California, "marry" them, and then send them to the West Bank Settlements. Then the next time the Palestinians try to fight their oppressors, people like Hagee won't be helping the Israel Lobby to press congress for more military aid but will instead declare, "Just as the gay pride parade in New Orleans provoke the divine wrath of Katrina and the immorality of San Francisco asked for the incendiary anger of the forest fires, so too has Israel's lifestyle change given God no choice but to make His displeasure known through this Intifada!"

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