Monday, April 14, 2008

Something from the Leo Strauß Yahoo Group

[I did not write this. A guy by the name of Kalev Pehme did. In 2005.--PSR]

A reminder to our friends in all the liberal democracies: Even if you say you are an adherent to a religion, you are not. You live as an atheist who has converted religious principles into a morality. Religion, I must remind you, is a public thing, not a private belief. Religion regulates all public life and all private belief. An obvious recent example is the rule of the Taliban over Afghanistan, where there were public executions on religious grounds as well as the very big mistake of destroying the Buddhas as idols. Thus, when I speak of universal empire in this case, I am speaking of a complete homogeneity of belief as well as a complete worldwide regulation of public order and private belief in accord to alleged divine principles. That regulation results in going to heaven and in the case of Islam to a heaven where men get to have perpetual sex with perpetual virgins, my favorite. In any event, the notion of religion is simple: There is a god, a divine order including angels (or many gods, elohim), a divine man, a divine city, and the human order must reflect that divine order and hierarchy whatever it is. The heavenly Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem are to be one, because there is one single reality and one single order which the god rules over. If one believes that, then the city, rather than being a non-being as we find in Plato, has being and because that being is eternal and universal the gross manifestations of political life must be universalized into a universal religion. Because the public life of man is part of a divine being, our participation in public life must also be part of that being. The truth of man is not his private thinking, but his public life, his actions, his good deeds, etc. as commanded by religion.

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